Twitter adds a new “Affiliate” badge to combat identity theft

Twitter adds a new “Affiliate” badge to combat identity theft

Twitter is introducing a new “Affiliate” badge, an additional measure to combat identity theft on the platform.

In mid-November, Elon Musk declared that Twitter was working on a feature that would allow brands and organizations to identify accounts directly associated with them. A month later, the company began rolling out this new option. As discovered by social media consultant Matt Navarra, Twitter has introduces a new “Affiliate” badge which may appear next to the small check mark indicating the certification of said account.

Twitter introduces a new “Affiliate” badge

The purpose of this icon is to point to the parent account if it is not the primary account for a brand or organization. For example, if you visit the Twitter Support account page, you can click on the badge to go directly to the main Twitter account. Brands also now have a square profile image to further differentiate themselves on the platform.

An additional measure to combat identity theft on the platform

Elon Musk first announced the feature the same week as Twitter’s failed attempt at paid account certification. After the company started accepting users into their new subscription Twitter Blue, certified trolls had quickly begun impersonating famous brands and personalities. The situation was even a real nightmare for companies like Eli Lilly. The pharmaceutical company thus lost billions of dollars on the stock market after a fake “certified” account had succeeded in making everyone believe that the company had decided to offer insulin for free.

The situation quickly escalated, forcing the platform to deactivate subscriptions to Twitter Blue. Time for engineers and teams in charge to review the process. From now on, it is advisable to show white paw, if one can say, by attesting to its identity, in particular by linking a telephone number…