Twitter steals its “For you” feed from TikTok

Twitter steals its “For you” feed from TikTok

Twitter has announced yet another update to its interface. This time around, the social network is including a new “For You” feed, as another attempt to offer an alternative to the chronological feed.

Twitter has been trying for a few years now to promote a new type of flow managed using an algorithm, which is obviously much easier to handle by its teams. But every timea modification affects the chronological flow, users raise the shield. Yet another transformation risks once again provoking fiery returns.

Twitter and TikTok, same fight

Because yes, Twitter support – which has become the communication branch of the social network by default since the arrival of Elon Musk and his employee scythe— has just announced the deployment of a new feature. From now on, the flows will be separated into two separate feeds on the home page: the classic chronological order, which can be found in a tab provided for this purpose, but above all the new stream “For you” displayed by default on the platform.

This new organization of elements is gradually being rolled out to users around the world, starting by iOS. And obviously also American users, since our iPhones do not yet display this new feed. Afterwards, Android and web versions will most certainly be affected.

Source: The Verge

As a reminder, in the same way as the algorithmic flow currently simply called “Home”, the new flow “For you” will mix popular tweets from your following with tweets recommended by the platform according to your tastes and the popularity of the tweets. Nevertheless the chronological feed will always be easily accessible under the name “subscriptions”.

Thus, it is difficult to establish whether users will welcome this umpteenth change with open arms. The slightest editing of the timeline never went welland previous attempts to copy TikTok features or Snapchat like stories have never really worked for Twitter. In the Elon Musk era, changes never really last longAnyway…