Ultra effective, this French antivirus makes you invincible against cyberattacks

Ultra effective, this French antivirus makes you invincible against cyberattacks

Thanks to a crazy discount of -60%, the best antivirus for Mac on the market is displayed at the lowest price this weekend. Made in France, the latter has also been voted the best in the world by many experts.

Since its arrival on the market, Intego has been the undisputed specialist in Apple’s operating system. Its antivirus for Mac is one of the most effective and offers unbeatable value for money. No more spending hours looking for the best cybersecurity solution, here it is. Especially since the software is even more interesting thanks to this -60% discount.

So this weekend you can acquire Intego’s antivirus for Mac called Mac Security X9 at a price of only 19.99 euros per year instead of 49.99 euros. With such a discount, it is simply one of the best security solutions, and moreover, the most accessible.

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Intego doesn’t stop its antivirus for Max. Indeed, the latter also offers many other software. It capitalizes on an all-in-one solution called Mac Premium Bundle X9. The latter is much more complete than the software alone. It brings together the top software published by the French. And the good news is that it’s also on sale this weekend with a -60% reduction, so the pack drops to the price of 29.99 euros per year instead of 84.99 euros.

In detail, this Mac Premium Bundle X9 suite includes the previously mentioned Mac antivirus, a firewall, a backup and personal data management tool, a parental control tool and a Mac cleaner. Ultra efficient, the latter will allow you to clean up your Mac and delete all unnecessary files and duplicates in order to regain space on your hard drive and allow it to regain speed.

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With its antivirus for Mac or full-featured software, Intego offers a 30-day money-back trial. You therefore have almost a month to test the tool of your choice and all its features to ensure that it meets your expectations, all without taking any risks and saving money.

Why take this antivirus for Mac?

As we said earlier, Intego is the number one antivirus vendor for Mac. Unlike other publishers on the market who are content with an ephemeral update of their Windows version and adapt it to Macs, Intego is dedicated solely to security vulnerabilities affecting Apple computers. These are not at all the same as those that can be seen on Windows computers.

By strengthening its expertise in this very specific area, Intego is therefore in the best position to be able to quickly identify the different types of threats likely to attack your Mac. This way, it can prevent them and protect your Mac in the best possible way. Thanks to a regularly updated database, no phishing attempts (phishing), botnets, ransomware, or spam, pass between its nets.

As you will have understood, Intego is undeniably the best cybersecurity solution for your Apple machine. Also, installing the software is very easy, as is using it. Once downloaded, just open it and then launch it so that it performs the first scan of your Mac in order to verify that it is not infected by a virus.

To date, Intego claims a 100% virus detection rate according to the independent test AV-Test, which has been testing all existing tools in this area for years. With the current offer and the -60% discount, it’s a golden opportunity to seize without further delay in order to protect your personal and banking data from all malicious people.

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