unbolted statue of a German settler, museum destination

unbolted statue of a German settler, museum destination

The monument commemorated Curt von Francois, an army commissar under German rule in the southern African country, who is credited with founding Windhoek, which local activists disputed, putting pressure on the municipality to make it disappear from the public space.

The statue representing the full-length figure of this officer wearing a wide-brimmed hat, with opulent mustaches and in a military jacket, a sword in one hand, was removed by a crane.

“This moment is a reminder of dignity, our city has been purged”, commented to AFP Hildegard Titus, activist of the group “A Curt farewell” which mobilized for his abduction. Beyond the emotional aspect, “it’s also about historical accuracy”.

The municipality said it would be kept at the Windhoek City Museum, where it will be displayed with an explanation of its historical context, said its curator Aaron Nambadi. It was necessary “to correct the false narrative according to which von Francois was the founder of the city”, he explained to AFP.

In Namibia, Germany was responsible for the massacres of tens of thousands of indigenous Herero and Nama people between 1904 and 1908.