Unstoppable, the crazy project of Michael Jordan!

At 59, Michael Jordan could totally withdraw from public life and the business world to fully enjoy his retirement and his millions. But MJ is still damn ambitious, the proof with his latest crazy project, which should overshadow LeBron James!

Michael Jordan could quietly enjoy his retirement in the sun, he who is considered by a majority to be the best basketball player of all time, and who is at the head of a multi-billion dollar empire with his Jordan Brand. But if he obviously takes time for himself, with frenzied golf games against poor JR Smithhe can’t help multiplying the business.

The legendary Bulls No. 23 is not only the head of a fashionable brand, he is also the owner of the Hornets, a NASCAR team, he takes the time to build several hospitals in the neighborhoods underprivileged in North Carolina… At 59, he clearly does not seem determined to slow down and step back. He wants to capitalize as much as he can, that’s also an ambitious businessman.

Michael Jordan wants to conquer the world of tequila

And the reason why all his businesses are doing so well may be his heightened competitive spirit, which has made his reputation on the NBA floors. It was his partners who explained how Michael Jordan’s rage to win impacted all meetings, all discussions. They spoke during the launch of their new range of tequila, the site Insider.com relates their words:

At the launch party for the Cincoro Gold range in New York, Michael Jordan’s partners explained that his competitive spirit came out “all the time”. Emilia Fazzalari says “there is no interaction without this side of her personality coming out. “. According to Wyc Grousbeck, MJ marketed his Cincoro brand as an easy entry into the world of luxury tequila.

“If this project doesn’t really catch on with the public, if nobody else likes the product, we’ll get a bunch of free tequila, that’s how he approaches it. But as soon as he saw sales starting to take off, he immediately changed his approach and said, ‘We’re going to take the world by storm. That’s all Michael.

Michael Jordan will never accept mediocrity, so even in the world of tequila he wants to establish himself as the greatest reference. And this is an area in which he will have to deal with LeBron James, also an investor in a successful brand, namely Lobos. The sales of these two bottles will be one to watch in the coming years!

More and more stars launch in alcohol, and Michael Jordan, like LeBron James, decided to bet on tequila. A new page of their rivalry will open in the coming weeks, consumers will be the judges!

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