Vertu launches a Web3-focused luxury smartphone.

The Vertu brand has announced the release of its new high-end smartphone with features Web3 friendly.

Web3, NFT and blockchain technology at the heart of this new model.

Called Metavertu, this smartphone is presented by the brand as a real technological revolution. From classic mode, the user can switch in one click to a wayWeb3 encrypted and secure. He will thus have access to a “wallet”, a store of decentralized applications and an “NFT Pass” which will offer him “certain advantages”, assures the company.

In terms of technical characteristics, Metavertu sets the bar high. The smartphone has a 6.67 inch curved screen, but also 3 cameras and up to 1TB of storage. A jewel of technology that requires only 20 minutes of charging to be at its maximum capacity.

The target of this new generation smartphone? The rich and very rich business (wo)men capable of spending tens of thousands of euros. Prices vary between €3,362 for the basic version and up to 42,087 euros for the most luxurious model in Alligator leather, 18 carat gold and diamonds.

Metavertu, Apple’s new competitor?

To announce the release of its new smartphone, Vertu posted a short video on its Instagram account reminiscent of Apple’s famous “1984” advertisement. With one difference: the main character bites into an apple, in which a worm hides, then he throws the fruit and breaks a screen on which appears another character holding an apple. aggressive communication towards the Californian firm, which reveals to us the ambition of Vertu: to shake up and bring down the apple monopoly.

And yet, the economic situation of this European manufacturer has never been very stable. Originally launched by Nokia in the UK in the late 1990s, the company has seen major financial setbacks in 2017, until you put the key under the door that same year. It was finally bought a few months later by Baferton Ltd, a Cypriot company belonging to the Turkish Murat Hakan Uzan, which would have spent around 50 million pounds.


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