Villefranche-de-Rouergue. The Loudspeakers will celebrate their 10th anniversary

The Loudspeakers are preparing to celebrate their 10th anniversary. A beautiful age for the associative café which was born in 2012 at 34, rue Alibert on the initiative of a group of young people from Villefranche.

Sharing, solidarity, diversity… essential values

Anna, Lola, Virginia, Igor, Arnaud… All from the Bastide, could not find a unifying meeting place that corresponded to their expectations. They start looking for a place. After a year and a half of research, they chose the former Guy Volaille store. Maximum motivation and sleeves rolled up, 80 people took part in the development work for 8 months. A formidable collective adventure that will mark the departure of the structure inaugurated in November 2012 based on the values ​​of sharing, solidarity, diversity and openness to others.

Values ​​still as essential and respected since the opening. The governance is collegial and the opinions of the members are taken into account. Each person can express themselves, get involved according to their desire and participate in the programming. “It’s remarkable,” says Marc, one of the pillars. “It is the power and strength of the collective that has made this success possible. The place is open to everyone. It is intergenerational”. Nathalie, a loyal volunteer since the beginning, hosts the radio show on CFM with Loulou, another member and cooks. “What I liked about the project is that it is not set in stone. It is also about sharing the work, eating healthy and organic.”

“Here, people are smiling and welcoming”

Sylviane, retired, has just arrived in Villefranche “I didn’t know anyone. I came through my daughter. The people here are smiling and welcoming. Participating in the kitchen gives me a feeling of usefulness and I meet people . I need company”.

Indeed, the associative café is run by many volunteers and by an employee, Julie Raynaud. “My role is to support members and coordinate activities. Everyone comes here for different reasons and finds something for them.

Everyone comes looking for social ties and if the project has matured over time and evolves with the teams, it is still the same values ​​that feed it.” In addition to the Wednesday cooking workshop and Thursday meals, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, various and varied activities punctuate the weeks of the associative café.The structure has also been participating in the PAT (Territorial Animation Project) for 2 years by intervening with various social actors.The place has obtained the approval of social living space by the CAF 4 years ago. Recognition for the association which allowed the hiring of Julie on a permanent contract and a future employee. A request for renewal is in progress.

Thus at Loudspeakers, conviviality rhymes with creativity and living well together takes on its full meaning.

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