Viral Hit: YouTuber Plays Super Mario Blindfolded – Fails Awesome

Viral Hit: YouTuber Plays Super Mario Blindfolded – Fails Awesome

Some people need challenges. YouTuber Jaiden Animations played Super Mario World completely blind. His video about it is now trending.

Los Angeles – Super Mario World is a Super Nintendo classic, but we live in a time when few are playing a game this old for the first time. YouTuber Jaiden Animations should be an exception to this rule, as she recently tackled the original version of this legendary platformer for the first time. A simple playthrough wasn’t enough for her though, so she literally played the game blind. The video she shot about it was a big hit on YouTube.

Last name Jaiden Animations
Anniversary September 27, 1997
Place of birth Arizona, United States
active since 2014
Subscribers* on YouTube 11.7 million (as of December 2022)

Super Mario: a YouTuber plays completely blind – Chaotic gameplay is a hit

This is Jaiden Animations: In a way, JaidenAnimations is a YouTube veteran. The animator has been active on the site since 2014 already and has shot straight into the heart of the YouTube community with her story videos and hand-animated sketches. For the past few years, Jaiden’s videos have been mostly about the game, but that hasn’t dented his success. She currently has 11.7 million subscribers on her channel (December 2022).

Here is the video: For their latest video, JaidenAnimations made a crazy first attempt. She wanted to play Super Mario Bros., but completely blind, meaning literally blindfolded. Instructions from a friend were to be his only help.

The first attempt ended in failure and after several game overs in the first and third Mario Bros., the duo gave up and finally embarked on the Nintendo classic, Super Mario World. If those titles don’t ring a bell, here’s a quick lesson on Mario’s journey to the game icon. JaidenAnimations also had to narrow down the objective a bit: instead of the entire game, it should be enough to defeat the boss of the first castle.

To find out if JaidenAnimations pulled off their own blindfold challenge, watch their full video. In just three days, nearly three million fans watched her video, which is currently trending on YouTube. But is it really possible to play Super Mario World blindfolded? This should take forever, right?

Super Mario: complete it blindfolded? These speedrunners make it look easy

It can go as fast as this: When there is a challenge in the game, it is absolutely certain that there is at least one speedrunner somewhere who completes it with absurd speed. Super Mario games are practically part of the standard speedrunning repertoire, of course, people have successfully completed them blind.

It’s Super Mario World

Super Mario World is a video game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and is a spin-off from the Super Mario Bros. series. It was developed by Nintendo and is one of the most popular and successful games for the SNES.

In Super Mario World, the player takes on the role of Mario, the famous plumber, who travels through different levels and fights enemies to save his friend Princess Peach. The game also introduces the character of Yoshi, who accompanies Mario on his journey and helps him defeat enemies. Super Mario World offers a host of new features and improvements over the Super Mario Bros. games. previous ones, including new enemies, power-ups, and game mechanics. It is also known for its challenging levels and detailed, colorful graphics.

The current Super Mario World record in the Blindfolded category is, no joke, 12:25 minutes. You can watch the full Katun24 run on YouTube.