Virtual reality: Meta will announce its new features on October 11

Facebook’s parent company will organize a conference called “Connect” next month.

The opportunity to learn more about the progress of the Metaverse so wanted by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and about the group’s new hardware.

Now in its ninth year, Connect brings together augmented reality/VR developers, creators, marketers and more to celebrate the industry and its growth, while exploring what it will take to bring the metaverse to life. We’ll start with a can’t-miss keynote, including leaders in the AR, VR, and XR space, followed by breakout sessions for on-demand developers“, explains Meta on the site of Oculus, the virtual reality brand of the group.

The new AR/VR headset, known as Project “Cambria”, will also be showcased. Zuckerberg also teased the helmet in a Facebook post. According to the latest rumors, the helmet will offer face and eye tracking, and will have a higher resolution screen. Logically, the price will increase. Currently the Oculus Quest 2 is available at $399.99. We must therefore expect a higher price, which could well be close to 500 euros.

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