“We are the country of Teranga, Senegal by my voice declares its flame to you”

On the occasion of the ceremony to receive the trophy for the Football World Cup, which took place at the Palace of the Republic this morning, the President of the Republic, Macky Sall, tried to appease the lady cup who makes dream the whole planet of football.

As with the trophy of the African Cup of Nations, the Cup will stay for a few in Senegal with a view to its international tour. On this occasion, a reception ceremony was organized at the Palace of the Republic. Chaired by the Head of State, Macky Sall, the latter declared his love for the coveted trophy.

Dame Coupe, Senegal through my voice declares its love to you. Of all your suitors, we are the only country in Teranga. So we offer you the ”Téranga” with open arms and we promise you that with all claws out, the Lion will fight with all its might to conquer you and bring you back here, to Senegal, next December.”declared the Head of State, during the presentation of the trophy for the Football World Cup.

” HASBeyond competition, we know, sport is a factor of peace, education and human fraternity. Because at the same time, it forges the body, it must train the mind and fight the anti-values ​​that are violence, racism, and discrimination. This is the meaning of the ceremony that brings us together here today. This is the meaning (also) of the Football World Cup, which will bring together next November and December, the 32 best teams on the planet. For the third time, and the second in a row, our Lions will be there after brilliantly winning the African Cup of Nations (CAN). These fine performances confirm the standing of our country in the elite of continental and world football. All my best wishes go with our brave Lions. We trust them. Drawing on their talent and experience, they know the Code of Honor which has now made their reputation. ”Dem ba diex”, that is to say hold the national colors high and wet the jersey until the ultimate effort. The ”fighting spirit” pegged to the body » adds Macky Sall.


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