“We can qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics”

Between the objective of qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games (OG), Senegalese trains cannot afford the slightest relaxation in detection towards the Dakar 2026 Youth Olympic Games (YOG). The President of the Senegalese Federation of canoeing and flying (FSCKA), Ady Arona Fall, is very aware of this.

This is a prelude to qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympics. We have been working on this with our athletes for almost two years, just after the Tokyo Olympics. Our athletes specializing in canoeing and slalom have all participated in various international competitions. As proof, less than 15 days ago, they were in Pau, France, for the needs of the World Cup.

Currently, they have just finished this weekend, in Spain, the slalom World Cup. From September 15, our athletes are expected at the World Cup in the London stage in order to earn points. To say that we continue and benefit from the support of the CNOSS. We take this opportunity to thank the Olympic Committee which awarded us 2 scholarships in its quota.

A full scholarship for Yves Bourhis for his preparation in France in the same body of water where the canoe-kayak games of the Paris 2024 Olympics will be held, and the other scholarship intended for Combé Seck. The latter moves between Paris and Dakar, and we hope to find a center for her in the coming weeks so that she can prepare for the 2024 Olympics.

We have all the assets at our disposal so that we can win Olympic qualification for 2024. The Technical Commission is working on this and the support of the CNOSS is flawless in the sense that it has found us partners with Paris 2024 and the Paris INSEP. Executives have been trained in several disciplines and the Senegalese canoe-kayak benefits from this support, in coaching and for the athletes. We thank the Ministry of Sports, concerned about the Olympic qualification of our athletes, which facilitated the trip to these Worlds. “, President Ady Arona Fall tells us in Record.

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