We found one of the best mobile plans at less than 10 euros per month on the market

We found one of the best mobile plans at less than 10 euros per month on the market

Prixtel is an operator committed on many points: protecting the environment is a cause that is close to its heart, but it is also the case of preserving the purchasing power of the French. The French company proves it by offering its Oxygen limited-edition 4G mobile planwhich allows you to pay an invoice each month whose amount corresponds perfectly to the use you make of it.

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Prixtel’s Oxygen offer, how does it work?

When you use up to 50 GB of mobile data in the month, you only pay 9.99 euros. Between 50 and 90 GB, you have 12.99 euros to pay and finally between 90 and 130 GB, you only pay 15.99 euros. It’s as simple as that! Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS are included in mainland France and from the European Union and the overseas departments. For these destinations, you also benefit from 20 GB to use every month, regardless of your current level. Prixtel uses SFR’s 4G network to operate.

A CO2-neutral mobile plan

Finally, like all the other Prixtel mobile plans, Oxygen is CO2 neutral. The operator offsets its carbon emissions by participating in reforestation actions, by helping to modernize farms or by helping to clean up the creeks of Marseille. Initiatives that make Prixtel the French operator most committed to the environment: it’s not for nothing that its package is called Oxygen! So many good reasons not to miss this interesting proposal.

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