“We were unlucky today, but I’m very proud of my team”

“We were unlucky today, but I’m very proud of my team”

Valencia coach Gennaro Gattuso spoke after Real Madrid were eliminated on penalties.

His players have been able to cope: “Very proud of the team for the game they played. We played with a great mentality. That’s the way we have to go. We lacked that against Cadiz, we have to continue because it’s a young team with quality and mentality. We showed it on the pitch for 120 minutes against a great team, with a great coach and great players. But we have to keep going.”

DConsequences on physical appearance: “I don’t think so. Massages after 90 minutes can happen. We worked hard, we ran a lot because you had to be very attentive and ran a lot when we lost the ball. It’s normal for the players to be more tired. “

Better than the opponent: “I don’t know if my team was better than the opponent. Tactically, we prepared with a totally different team to the one we’ve played for the past four months with two midfielders. We had chances to score , and we had a good game.”

Courtois was the best in the game: “Courtois is a goalkeeper who has been playing at an incredible level for many years. My goalkeeper today also made four or five very good saves. We know Courtois is a great goalkeeper. We haven’t had luck. I have already won a World Cup on penalties but today we were unlucky.”

Can the team go further with rookies? “I always think the same thing. I don’t like to talk about it. We certainly have to do something because we lost a midfielder, Almeida can play as a pivot, but we have to get Guillamón back. Fran Pérez has much improved. But he’s a ‘crazy’ because in the 105th minute he shot when he had Cavani in the middle to pass him. Any player his age would have passed him. C he’s an improving boy.”