we will finally be entitled to the best models in France

we will finally be entitled to the best models in France

At the turn of Qualcomm’s financial results, an official confirmed that the Snapdragon would increase to 100% market share on the Galaxy S23 against 75% before.

Samsung Galaxy S23 // Source: Onleaks

It was almost certain, only an official confirmation was missing. The Galaxy S23 will finally be sold all over the world with the same chip. The information has just fallen through a session of questions transcribed in writing in the results of the fourth quarter of the American group.

We can read there in black and white the chief financial officer of Qualcomm claiming that “our 75% share in the Galaxy S22 moves to a global share in the Galaxy S23. » Although it was an open secret (the two firms had signed an agreement to this effect last July), this is the first official confirmation of this transition to 100% Snapdragon. As a reminder, the high-end smartphones from Samsung separated so far into two categories that can be roughly summarized as follows: Exynos for Europe and Snapdragon for the rest of the world.

We also note in passing that the manager is advancing on the launch date of the Galaxy S23. He explains that “the benefit of the launch of the new Samsung phone would be in the second half of the March quarter”. This therefore tends to confirm that the launch would not take place before at least February.

A 100% switch to Snapdragon, what does it change?

The subject of Galaxy S under Exynos has been a hot topic for Samsung for a long time. Indeed, many European fans complained at each launch that their version of the Galaxy S was less powerful than the Snapdragon version despite being sold at the same price. The difficulties of this two-chip strategy came to a head with the launch of the Galaxy S22, and in particular the Ultra model earlier this year, whose chip racked up performance concerns (our test bears witness to thisas our long test after 7 months of use).

A switch to Snapdragon for Europe is therefore the insurance for buyers to obtain the same product as the rest of the world. We can also hope for better performance than on an Exynos, perhaps a less hot chip, but above all better general stability of the product, given that it will be easier for Samsung to manage its fleet of flagships. Whatever the end by which we take the subject, it seems the right choice and we will finally have the impression in Europe of not having a restrained version of the flagship of Samsung.

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