We Will Have Ferocious Attack Dogs In Episode 3 Of HROT

Developed solo by a Czech developer, HROT is a very gray and very goofy retro-FPS, which takes place in the USSR in the middle of the Cold War. Still in Early Access for almost two years, it expands little by little by adding levels, in the form of episodes. After the second, released last June, the developer teases us with a new feature to appear in the next one: dogs. But beware, not any dogs ! See instead (CW: cute little dogs):

Let’s hope that we will also have the possibility of picking up droppings in order to keep the streets of Soviet cities as clean as possible.

While waiting for the release of HROT episode 3, you can get the early access containing the first two on Steam for 17€. When initially released, our preview stated:

Let’s be clear: for the moment, this is a short retro experience fun when it goes into outrageous delusions but, otherwise, perhaps a little too austere to please everyone. Let’s hope that Spytihnëv will be able to bring this touch of madness in the level design and in the armament by then so that HROT takes on a whole new dimension.