Weird West: Nimpossible mode, aiming system… patch 1.04 details | Xbox One

Several months after its release, Weird West continues to be supported by WolfEye Studios. The title published by Devolver Digital is thus preparing to welcome patch 1.04, the opportunity to rediscover the title in a new game mode.

A new aiming system in the testing phase

First interesting novelty, an alternative aiming system is about to see the light of day, very different from that consisting in continuously handling the two joysticks. This new model that the studio is testing for the moment, allows you to keep the controls of the camera during aiming.

This new option can be activated or deactivated at any time, including in an already existing game.

The Nimpossible mode arrives

If you want to spice up your experience in the West, the Nimpossible mode should meet your expectations. Indeed, it is similar to the “permadeath” already present in many other titles, but here with a little subtlety.

Of course, it will no longer be possible to save manually, but the game will save your progress automatically. This will allow you to play and reload from this single save slot.

Be careful, however, since the Nimp Heads will allow you to resurrect, you will then have to collect as many as possible at all costs or risk having your save deleted.

New content in Nimpossible and various additions.

To reward your courage, additional content will be available only in Nimpossible mode. It is intended to substantiate the story of the resurrection process and the deal made with the wanderers. These are two new travel encounters, but also a secondary quest.

At the same time, various additions will be added, but this time for all game modes.

  • We’ve added tracking of your human kill count to the Reputation tab, so those of you trying a non-lethal experiment can easily keep track of the situation at any point in the game. (We’ve also fixed the fact that killing Ravenous incorrectly counted in this number).
  • For non-lethal runs, we’ve also tweaked blunt weapons so attacking too quickly doesn’t cause you to inadvertently kill your target.
  • At the request of players and for better accessibility, we have also added a higher slow motion level to the “SloMo While Aiming” option that was added in the previous patch.

The developer has so far only communicated the major additions of this new update. A full list of bug fixes will surface soon. In the meantime, know that patch 1.04 of Weird West will be available on September 13 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The title is safe to play on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, in addition to being included in the Xbox Game Passthe PC Game Pass and the Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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