Wembanyama’s new viral move that is turning the US upside down!

Wembanyama’s new viral move that is turning the US upside down!

Victor Wembanyama did the show this Thursday for his last All-Star Game on French territory, and he even left with the title of MVP of the meeting. He still released some gestures from another planet during his demonstration, which drove the American observers totally crazy, who still do not understand how he can be so strong.

For his last season in France before his big departure for the United States, Victor Wembanyama had to put on a show for the All-Star Game, in front of fans who may see him for the last time. After a failed appearance in the 3-point contest, which is not his main specialty anyway, he made up for it with a monumental card against Team World of Betclic Elite.

And if this exhibition match does not necessarily have a great value in the eyes of the scouts, since the defense is far from being the priority, they were still many to watch the future n°1 of Draft in his works. Moreover, as with each appearance of the young pivot, the American specialists were impressed by some spectacular gestures. A sequence at Michael Jordan caught the eye.

Victor Wembanyama’s layup shocks across the Atlantic!

Victor Wembanyama is really a 2m21 fullback…

Dribble between the legs, crossover then a reverse layup… Man, what is that.

If Victor Wembanyama first distinguished himself with a furious dunk in the first period, it was above all his isolation in the second half that caught the attention of this journalist. Indeed, the giant pivot landed a crossover from behind, before offering us a reverse layup à la Michael Jordan, which is mind-blowing for a player of his size. Internet users were in shock:

I don’t even know what to say about something like that.

Yes, Victor Wembanyama is capable of playing as a fullback, observers have to get used to that. Let’s hope he will succeed in such gestures next season on the NBA courts, to silence the few detractors who still do not recognize his talent.