what additional features would you like?

The transition to iOS 16 was a success for our i-nfo.fr application, on which, if you did not know it yet, you can find all the articles on the iPhon.fr site.

The app allows a more comfortable reading of our writings from an iPhone or iPad, but above all it has specific features which offer you the means to personalize your iPhon.fr experience.

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We have been keeping you regularly informed of its development for several months now. Please note that we are currently working on the correction of a iPad display bugbut also on the integration of a new option allowing to completely delete their accountknowing that an account is necessary in particular to comment on the articles.

How would you improve the i-nfo.fr application?

In addition to fixing malfunctions and working on “technical” features at the moment, know that we are also thinking about what’s next. And precisely, we would like to ask you, directly, what would be the feature(s) you would like to see appear in the app. Tell us everything in the comments of this article!

Recently, we added a widget, giving an overview of the latest news directly from the iPhone or iPad home screen.

Application widget i-nfo.fr

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Maybe you have ideas for improve this widgetor the application directly more generally. So, let us know your proposals, we are all ears!

By the way, let’s take the opportunity once again to thank all those who take the time to rate the app on the app store. Know that this is not a detail for us, it is really rewarding Firstly. And in addition, it allows us to appear more often in search results. The application being free, making the gesture of rating it with many stars and even a small note is a great way to support our work !

So if you read us regularly and appreciate our writings, we invite you to rate the i-nfo.fr application on the App Store, and if you have a few seconds, to add a short comment to your rating. This is an effort that we particularly appreciate. So once again: thank you!

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