What future for Yahoo’s services?

Whereas yahoo has just come from sign an exclusive 30-year advertising partnership with Taboola, things keep moving at the web giant. A source close to the file indicated, on November 29, to the American media Axios that Yahoo expects to further develop its main activities such as Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Mail. Among the new services envisaged, the implementation of sports betting and an online brokerage service.

Big changes to come at Yahoo?

Yahoo and Taboola expect at least $1 billion a year fruits of their agreement. This money should be reinvested in flagship services of the Internet pioneer. A source revealed to Axios that Yahoo recorded approximately $8 billion in revenue per year. Results kept hidden from its acquisition, in 2021, for 5 billion dollars by Apollo Global Managementan American private equity firm who made it private. In its last public financial statement in 2020, Yahoo showed $7.1 billion in revenue.

Axios reports that Yahoo has, at this time, no intention of selling his media as TechCrunch, Engadget Where Autoblog. Instead, the Californian company would prefer expand them with new features to make them more competitive.

For Yahoo Finance, Yahoo executives are thinking to a retail platform. This would be based on data from Yahoo Finance and would be equipped with a suite of end-to-end commerce tools. and an online brokerage service.

On the side of Yahoo Sports, the company based in Sunnyvale would be on the point enter into agreements with sports betting companies. According to the source ofAxiosexchanges would have taken place with the Australian PointsBet, without succeeding.

Finally, the executives plan to turn Yahoo Mail into a commerce-focused coupon clearinghouse. yahoo account take advantage of the use of Yahoo Mail by many users like an inbox for cold calling.

Asked by AxiosJim Lanzone, Chairman and CEO of Yahoo, explains that ” we are here to invest. This means not only innovating internally, but also to be open to all partnerships, to all possibilities of mergers and acquisitions “. He points out that Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Mail and its other services are not immune to a private sale or an IPO.