What is the distance traveled daily by an electric vehicle driver?

A new study looked at the usage and charging habits of electric vehicle drivers.

Enedis has just published the results of its third study on the behavior of connected car users. It was conducted among 1,000 owners of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, with a distribution similar to that of the current fleet of electrified vehicles (which gave 63% electric, 37% hybrid).

The survey confirms the evolution of the use of the 100% electric car. For 75% of respondents, it is the main household vehicle, an increase of 10 points compared to 2020. The car is used on average 6 days a week (and even every day for 45% of respondents). The average distance traveled daily is 42 km, a stable result compared to the previous survey. For people in rural areas, it’s 46 km. It should be noted that the use of the electric vehicle outside daily journeys has increased by 9%, proof that the French are beginning to trust these models to go further.

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Moreover, Enedis indicates that the place of the public charging station is gaining importance. 40% of respondents use it at least occasionally. But this type of charging remains largely in the minority in the habits of drivers. The study confirms that a very large majority (85%) of primary charging is done at home. So much so that 65% of drivers who do not use public terminals say they do not need this type of infrastructure. But it is necessary for those who live in particular in buildings. With them, home charging represents only 49% of charging.

Note that the French do not want to play with fire. Less than one in five starts recharging when the battery drops below 20% charge. 41% plug in when there is 20 to 39% battery life left, 26% between 40 and 59%. Electric vehicle charging fits well into the home, because few people have increased the power of their electricity contract. The report confirms that drivers will favor the night to take advantage of off-peak prices.