What is the release date for iOS 16.2?

The next expected iOS update at the turn is the version at number 16.2. This will bring many new features, as shown by the test iterations of the software already published so far. Find the list of all the changes known to date for iOS 16.2 in our dedicated article.

Among the biggest additions is the arrival of the new home application Freeformfor iPhone, iPad and Mac, but also functionality Live Activities for iPhone lock screen.

Otherwise, iOS 16.2 should fix many bugs and security vulnerabilities, but also refine HomeKit, the Stocks application, widgets for the locked screen, Stage Manager on iPad and the emergency call functionality. We can’t wait to try it all out. And precisely, when can we take advantage of it? This is the question we ask ourselves as we approach the end of the year holiday period, an important time for Apple and its product sales, iPhone in particular.

So let’s try to solve the mystery by cross-referencing the different clues available to us at this stage.

iOS and iPadOS 16.2: when is it?

First clue that we can consider to find the release date of iOS 16.2, it is the planning of testing and deployment of iOS 15.2, which was done at the same time last year. iOS 15.2 had 4 beta versions before an RC version was released. One followed first beta RC released on December 10 then one second the next day. The final version of iOS 15.2 was released on December 13, 2021.

For the moment, iOS 16.2 also has 4 beta versions. No RC version has yet been offered by Apple. If the Californian firm copies iOS 15.2 for iOS 16.2, we can imagine a release of the final version of the OS within 7 days. This would arrive at the end of the week, with an RC beta version launching on Tuesday 13 or Wednesday 14 December.

Another hypothesis: Apple offers an RC beta of iOS 16.2 this week and releases the final version next week, on December 13 or 14. Finally, it also seems possible that the company will wait a little longer to deliver iOS 16.2 to us during Christmas week, Tuesday 20 or Wednesday 21. This third hypothesis seems less likely to us, however.

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The indices signed Apple and Mark Gurman

Last elements to take into account, the fact that Apple has announced the arrival of new products such as Freeform before 2023 and the latest newsletter from Mark Gurman, in which the analyst predicts the release of iOS 16.2 in mid-December.

In short, if we had to bet one or two coins, our bet would be the following: availability for everyone of iOS 16.2 in the week of December 12 to 18More precisely, between 13 and 16.

What do you think of this prediction? Does it seem to you to be the most plausible? And are you particularly expecting iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2?

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