which operator offers it at the best price?

which operator offers it at the best price?

As soon as the Xiaomi 12T came out, it was offered at incredible prices. How do you ask? All you have to do is take it from a mobile operator, combined with one of the compatible plans. And here you are the proud owner of a Xiaomi 12T without having to spend too many euros. But which operator to choose? We have listed the best deals.

With SFR the Xiaomi 12T is 29€

SFR is launching a great promotion on the Xiaomi 12T with its 5G 150 GB plan. With this mobile phone subscription, the Xiaomi 12T at SFR is priced at €29 + €8/month for 24 months. As to SFR plan, it is one of the best 5G offers of the moment from the operator. It is thus offered at €30/month the first year then €45/month. The package allows you to take advantage of mobile data in 5G, and to use up to 100 GB of data while roaming from the EU and the overseas departments.

Orange offers the Xiaomi 12T for less than €50

Orange also offers a good plan to get the Xiaomi 12T at a competitive price. The new Xiaomi smartphone is priced at €49 with the 220 GB 5G plan at €49.99 per month for one year (€69.99 thereafter).

With this rolling formula 5G, communications are unlimited in France as well as when roaming and 100 GB can still be used from the European Union and from the overseas departments. This Orange package also includes calls to North America and Europe, to landlines and mobiles.

The Xiaomi 12T at 11€ at Free

At Free too, it is possible to pay for the Xiaomi 12T at a preferential rate. With his service FreeFlexyou only pay €11 on purchase, then €18.99/month for 24 months.

Thanks to Free Flex therefore, it is possible for you, at Free, to benefit from a considerable reduction on purchase. To accompany this offer, you can choose the combination package + mobile by subscribing to a Free plan.