Why is the EU imposing a record fine of $405 million on Meta?

During a two-year investigation, the Irish institution pointed out several shortcomings here. The first is the possibility that was left to children, whose age is between 13 and 17, to create a professional account on Instagram, and thus to see their personal information such as their email address or their telephone number made public on the platform.

The DPC also notes in its judgment that Instagram would have made public certain accounts opened by teenagers, while the latter must automatically go private when they are created.

Meta challenges this court ruling, arguing that the DPC relies on an outdated version of Instagram to establish its verdict. The social network would have, according to its statements, changed its settings a year ago. Accounts created by young people under 18 are now automatically private, and only “ people they know can see what they post, and adults can’t message unfollowing teens “.

Mark Zuckerberg’s group is not ” disagree with how this fine was calculated and has already announced that it wants to appeal this decision in the coming days.

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