will the African Union get a seat?

will the African Union get a seat?

South Africa is the only country on the African continent to be part of the G20. However, the country announces that it will push for the African Union (AU) to obtain a seat. Macky Sall, president of Senegal and the AU, is due to attend the summit on November 15 and 16 in Bali.

South Africa announces that it will push for the African Union (AU) to obtain a seat in the G20. The leaders of the group meet on November 15 and 16, 2022 in Indonesia.

A spokesman for South African President Cyril Ramaphosa explains that South Africa will help put in place a framework leading to the AU’s membership in the club of the richest countries.

Strengthen Africa’s place in the G20

It is important that the collective voice of the continent is represented in this forum“said spokesman Vincent Magqenya at a press conference.”We sincerely hope that this proposal will find support and will be promoted by the member countries of the G20.“. South Africa is currently the only African member of the G20.

Senegalese President Macky Sall, who chairs the African Union, had recently called for an overhaul of international governance, asking for greater representation of Africans in international organizations such as the G20 or the UN Security Council. In October, Macky Sall had launched that multilateralism should “serve the interests of all“, under penalty of exposing oneself to a “loss of legitimacy and authority“.

MM. Sall and Ramaphosa are both due to attend the G20 summit scheduled for next week on the island of Bali, Indonesia.