Winamp 5.9 is available, the first update for 4 years

Winamp goes to version 5.9 and gets its first stable update in almost four years. On the program, bug fixes, addition of features and support for Windows 11.

Credit: Winamp editing + Marcela Laskoski (via Unsplash)

Not so long ago, media players specializing in MP3 were among the most popular computer software for the general public. It was the best way to listen to music on a PC, either by ripping tracks from a CD or by downloading it, whether it was legal or not. Winamp is one of those historic services that marked a generation.

But like many other such platforms, Winamp lost users massively with the advent of streaming. A halt in its development was announced in 2013 with the release of Winamp 5.666. But in 2018, we are witnessing a rebound: a Winamp 5.8 is published and the team which continues the project communicates on the follow-up of the development.

You won’t have to wait 4 years for Winamp 5.9.1

Four years later, the stable version of Winamp 5.9 is finally available. Among the new features included in this update, we find compatibility with Windows 11. “To the end user, it may seem like there aren’t that many changes, but the most important and difficult part was actually migrating the whole project from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2019”, explain the developers on the Winamp forum. This transition has been a technical challenge, with some beta users experiencing issues supporting this new platform on their machines.

Winamp 5.9 now supports reading streams https://VP8 codec and 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution playback. “The foundations are now laid and we can now focus more on functionality”, announces Winamp. A version 5.9.1 is already in the works. It will fix some bugs and bring new features, such as support for H.265, HLS and VP9 codecs, and many more.

Source : Bleeping Computer

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