Windows 11 22H2, all about automatic updating

Windows 11 22H2 rollout is picking up speed. Microsoft has announced that the update has moved from “optional” to automatic.

This means that the download and installation no longer require user intervention. The 2022 update is therefore considered a non-optional update. The goal is to improve operating system availability after eligible PCs and reduce fragmentation.

Windows 11 22H2, automatic deployment for whom?

This new phase of the deployment of 22H2 is a step which leads the OS towards its general availability. Pending automatic update to 22H2 is only for PCs running Windows 11 21H1. In addition, not all eligible PCs will be affected at the same time. The approach will be conservative in targeting first computers using 21H1 since the first days of its availability.

Microsoft explains

The automatic update to Windows 11 22H2 will be done gradually starting with devices that have been using 21H2 for a long time.

This change only affects the Home and Pro editions of the OS.

Windows 11 22H2, a smooth installation.

Installing the update is smooth. One of the good news is that no reboot is applied for the changes to take effect. This point is important and essential.

Windows history shows that often during a major Windows update, the PC is automatically restarted without any prior request leaving the user speechless sometimes losing their work. Windows 10 forced updates have become famous for this.

This time, the update is all about downloading the necessary files and then preparing to deploy in the background. It is therefore possible to continue its activities under Windows 11 and to choose when the PC will restart to complete the installation.

The firm explains that compatibility problems can be encountered. In this case, although we are talking about automatic updating, restrictions will be put in place. They will make it possible to prohibit installation on the configurations concerned while ensuring deployment on eligible machines.

So depending on the bugs encountered, the wait can be more or less long. On this point Redmond underlined

If we detect that your device might have a problem, such as incompatibility, a restriction may be put in place. In this case, the update will not be installed automatically until the issue is resolved.

Finally, if the wait is unbearable and your PC is eligible, you can speed it all up. How ? Go to Windows Update and check for updates.

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