Windows 11 makes it even easier to connect with your smartphone

Windows 11 welcomes a new update which includes a very practical feature: the possibility of activating the connection sharing of your smartphone directly from your PC. Please note that certain conditions must be met in order to benefit from it.

We’ve all used tethering at least once when Wi-Fi failed. To do this, you have to take your phone and activate the “by hand” feature. It is now possible to do so without touching his terminal.

Microsoft has released the new version of Windows 11 for Insiders, Build 25231. This includes this feature. Once your phone is paired to your computer, sharing can be activated with a single click directly from the desktop. Practice !

Windows 11 makes connection sharing easier

This can be useful in many cases, such as when you work while traveling and you don’t necessarily want to take out all your devices. By activating sharing from your PC, your smartphone will obviously be detectable by other nearby computers, it is therefore always strongly advised to put a password.

But beware, there is a catch. This option is only for Samsung smartphones Firstly. We know that Microsoft and the Korean brand are working hand in hand on the subject and that Galaxy smartphones are the first to be served when it comes to new features. To take advantage of it, you must have a Samsung device with the One UI 4.1.1 or higher overlay, i.e. a relatively recent product (Galaxy S21, S22, Z Fold 3 or 4, Z-Flip 3 or 4…). You also need a computer that supports WiFi and Bluetooth, which is the case with all laptops.

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For now, only Insiders who have installed Build 25231 can take advantage of it. Others will have to wait before trying it. This new feature could arrive on all PCs via an update in the coming weeks or months. It’s certainly not a major change, but it’s a handy addition for those who need it.

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