Wine, journey, culture comes to Estaing

Wine, journey, culture comes to Estaing

the essential
As part of the European Cultural Route of Vine and Wine, a conference will be held on Thursday 10 November in Estaing.

The French Camino de Compostelle Agency and the South-West Wine Interprofessional Organization are organizing a cycle of traveling conferences that pass through Estaing as part of the European cultural route and the vine and wine route. This one, called “Iter Vitis” and initiated in 2009, aims to promote the vine through the paths to cross culture, tourism, economy and heritage. It will pass through Estaing, Thursday, November 10, from 7 p.m. “We need to get closer to economic players. The vineyards of the South-West follow the paths of Saint-Jacques and symbolize this historical link through the landscapes and their conviviality”, summarizes Sébastien Pénari, in charge of scientific and cultural development within the French association of the paths of Compostela.

Preserve and enhance

After the Basque Country, it is therefore the Aveyron, more particularly the Estaing wine, which is honored through a conference and tasting at the Maison de la vigne et du vin d’Estaing. “The goal is to encourage walkers to have another look, to taste local products”, adds Sébastien Pénari. In this sense, Frédéric Maurel, president of the winegrowers of Olt, notes “that walkers return after their walk in the vault or order on the internet”. Economic benefits therefore, and above all the desire to make Aveyron wines known, hence the tasting session offered at the end of the conference. “We are juxtaposed with the road to Compostela. It is no coincidence that we start with the Basque Country and Aveyron which are not vineyards on the outskirts but border the South-West, moreover, both are in terraces. The objectives are to preserve, enhance and work on climate change with tests carried out on forgotten grape varieties that can adapt better, such as Tardif”, advances Paul Fabre, director of the interprofession of the wines of the South-West. A problem that does not affect Aveyron wines with grape varieties such as Fer Servadou adapted to drought and cold. “The mansois has corresponded to these developments for more than a century. If the water were really to run out, we would set up an irrigation system, but it is not necessary today”concludes Philippe Teulier, president of the winegrowers’ union.

4th largest vineyard in France for the South-West after Languedoc-Roussillon, Bordeaux and the Rhône Valley.

29 controlled designations of origin and 13 protected geographical indications.

130 grape varieties.

€1 billion in turnover and 13,294 employees.

1 book will be published in 2023 on this link between Saint-Jacques and the vineyards of the South-West.