With Christmas approaching, more promotions than in other years?

With Christmas approaching, more promotions than in other years?

In stores as well as online, brands are increasing their promotions as Christmas approaches, whereas there are usually few of them at this time of year.

-30% or -40%, loyalty discount, reduction on the second purchase… In recent weeks, and even in recent days, promotions have tried to catch the eye of the consumer. Unusually numerous offers at this time of year, when it is not normally necessary to seduce the customer with discounts, while busy buying their Christmas gifts.

All the more unusual in that they concern sectors that are nevertheless very buoyant during the end-of-year celebrations, such as clothing or perfume, and that they follow “Black Friday” at the end of November. For both physical commerce and e-commerce, Christmas is the key moment of the year, when consumers pay less attention to spending.

Football World Cup

A consequence… of the Football World Cup? Staying at home in the afternoon to watch the games in Qatar, customers were fewer in the stores. The event “disadvantaged trade”, underlines Yohann Petiot, director general of the Trade Alliance. These promotions are probably trying to “relaunch the coming to the store”, he imagines.

“When we offer promotions, it is necessary to revitalize something that is wrong,” says Yohann Petiot.

Because we could also see it as the result of a bad autumn for trade, adds Yohann Petiot, who represents department stores and the main clothing brands. The very hot month of October suffered from the weather – customers were not in the mood for winter shopping – and the month of November was below expectations, despite Black Friday.

Concern of the independents

On the side of independent traders, the explanation is different. At the head of the Ile-de-France section of the National Clothing Federation (FNH), Patrick Aboukrat deplores an increase in promotions by major brands throughout the year, and not just at Christmas. Private sales, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday or even French Days are now added to the classic sales.

“We should not saw off the branch on which we are sitting by racing for promotions”, worries Patrick Aboukrat.

As the Christmas holidays approach, “these promotions kill the commercial excitement” and independent traders cannot follow the big brands, regrets the boss of the Abou stores in Abi Bazar, in Paris. What already worries him are the upcoming winter sales. The kick-off will be given on January 11, 2023, three weeks after Christmas… and seven weeks after Black Friday.

Jeremy Bruno BFMTV journalist