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In France, we do not laugh with the kitchen! So inevitably, nothing should be left to chance when it comes to going behind the stove. And as often, it all starts with the right tools. For more than 30 years, Crystal puts the small dishes in the big ones by offering a very wide choice of high-end stainless steel pans, guaranteed for life and made in France.

From high-end to environmental sauce

Sold in around forty countries around the world, Crystal is today a benchmark of quality in the culinary world. And if this tricolor know-how is so popular, it is also because it has a unique and innovative feature: products whose coating can be renovated thanks to the “retreading” service offered by the house, which allows at Crystal of declare an industrial integration of more than 92% on own production, an exceptional figure in this sector of activity.

And if the house capitalizes on its many timeless creations, it returns in 2022 with a brand new collection. On the program: the new Mutine evolution removable handle available in 8 colors; new square grills suitable for all types of fires, dishwasher and oven; a new series of saucepans and a Dutch oven in Ultralu aluminum coated with ultra-resistant non-stick coating.

Gift ideas to spoil epicureans

And to give good gift ideas, Crystal also offers original gift sets as the ” Face-to-face “composed of two mini stainless steel stockpots with lids from the Castel’Pro collection, the kitchen set ” To all the sauces » with its Castel’Pro saucepan and its all-stainless steel magic spoon or even its gift set « Tea for Two » consisting of two Verbena infuser mugs made of very resistant borosilicate glass. Clearly an essential for any self-respecting good kitchen…

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