Work on the geothermal project in Macolin postponed to spring

Exploration work in the subsoil as part of the geothermal project at Macolin, above Bienne, has been delayed for several months due to the authorization procedure. This project plans to heat the buildings of the Federal Office for Sport (FOSPO) using geothermal energy.

The Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics (OFCL) intends to build a geothermal installation to supply heat to the Macolin National Sports Center which has several dozen buildings. To carry out this project, it will carry out measurements in Evilard/Macolin and in twelve other municipalities.

But these deep underground exploration operations had to be postponed, because additional examinations in connection with the authorization procedure are necessary, indicates Monday the OFCL. The measures initially planned for this fall will begin in the spring of 2023, as soon as weather conditions allow.

The exploration of the subsoil requires the installation of some 2,500 devices and the survey of various measurement points on a large number of roads and country lanes using specially equipped trucks. The Confederation wants to be reassuring, these measures will only slightly affect inhabited areas.

If the Federal Chambers approve the financing of this project, the work will probably begin in 2026. The commissioning of the installation is planned for 2028 at the earliest, underlines the OFCL. Using geothermal energy reduces CO2 emissions by more than 90%. /ATS-aba


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