World Cup 2022. “Dramatic”, “pure demagoguery” … the opinion of football players in the Channel

World Cup 2022. “Dramatic”, “pure demagoguery” … the opinion of football players in the Channel

The 22e The FIFA World Cup will take place from November 20 to December 18, 2022, in Qatar. The choice of country hosting this year’s competition was announced on December 2, 2010, in Zurich (Switzerland) by the International Football Federation. The other candidate countries were Australia, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

What do those responsible for football in the Channel think?

Since this summer, in a context of drought and episodes of high heat, the controversy swells, the country of the Arabian Peninsula being singled out for suspicions of corruption around the attribution of the event, its ecological impact, lack of respect for human rights in the country or even the thousands of workers who died on the construction sites of the Mondial. Should we boycott this flagship meeting of world football or not? Politicians, athletes, NGOs have taken a stand. Cities have decided not to broadcast the matches on the big screen, bars too. What about in the Channel? About twenty days before the launch, the editorial staff of Ouest-France takes stock.

In the Channel, the main players in football also have strong opinions on this World Cup and on the question of its boycott (1). Overview.

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Benjamin Bahu, president of US Granville (N2)

“This World Cup in Qatar is heresy, ecological, social and human. It’s dramatic. But we only talk about it a month and a half before the World Cup when we have known for more than ten years that it will take place there. For me, it’s too late.

Should we boycott? No, because that would be pointing the finger at the footballers who take part in it, when they have nothing to do with it and they probably don’t share the values ​​conveyed during the preparation of the event. Only the politicians who have made the decisions in…