World Cup 2022: Imminent appointment of Carlos Queiroz as head of Iran, according to media

Carlos Queiroz could play his third World Cup final phase with the Iranian selection. “The Federation [iranienne] football will announce by the end of the week the appointment of Carlos Queiroz as coach of the national team“, reported the newspaper Iran Varzeshi (Iran Sports), an Iranian government sports publication.

Mr. Queiroz must replace the Croatian Dragan Skocic, named at the beginning of February at the head of the selection. Sacked on July 11, Skocic had however been kept in office by the Federation pending a successor. “The new head of the federation, Mehdi Taj, is seriously considering the return of the Portuguese coach to the “Tim-é Melli“(the name of the national team in Persian, editor’s note)”, for its part indicated Monday the official agency Irna.

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Carlos Queiroz, Iran coach

Credit: Eurosport

Queiroz already knows the Iranian team well

During his electoral campaign, Mehdi Taj had presented the former coach of Manchester United and Real Madrid in particular as a “serious choice” to lead the selection, praising the Portuguese’s record at the head of Tim-é Melli, from 2011 to 2019. Mr. Taj was elected Tuesday as president of the Federation, a position he had already held from 2013 to 2016.

Carlos Queiroz spent almost eight years in charge of Iran – the longest tenure in this position -, leading the selection to two World Cup finals in 2014 and 2018.Tim-e Melli” qualified at the end of January for the sixth final phase of the World Cup, which will take place in Qatar (November 20-December 18). She will start the competition on November 21 against England, before facing the country of Wales and USA in Group B.

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