World Cup 2022: Neymar Jr. reveals his big dream with Brazil

World Cup 2022: Neymar Jr. reveals his big dream with Brazil

Neymar Jr. wants to win his first World Cup with Brazil at all costs. The PSG striker wants to be 100% for this big event.

The Parisian left winger is eager to take part in the 2022 World Cup. In an interview with Esquire Middle Easthe discussed this subject at length.

France are among the favorites according to Neymar

It’s been my dream since I was a child to win the World Cupsaid Neymar. I imagined myself holding this trophy and I have another opportunity to try to do so in Qatar. I hope I’ll smile at the end. »

Absent from Brazil’s roster for the 2010 World Cup because of his lack of competition with Santos, the Brazilian football star had to wait four more years to take his first steps in the final phase of the World Cup.

It was one of his worst experiences. Touched in the quarter-final against Colombia, Neymar saw his selection humiliated, on his land, against the German machine (1-7).

At the World Cup, being a favorite does not mean you winhe explained. I wouldn’t say it was the lowest point of my career, but it was definitely one of the toughest times. My first World Cup, in my own country, and I wanted to win so badly…Losing is never easy in football, but in the World Cup it’s worse. »

According to the Paris Saint-Germain striker, the next World Cup could be one of the best. ” The preparation for this World Cup is better than usual, because it comes in the middle of the season, when you are at your best physicallyhe continued. Players can be tired for tournaments at the end of a season and so I think the level of this World Cup is going to be very high.. »

To the question of who are the favorites of this 22e edition, the former FC Barcelona striker cited France, Argentina, England, Germany and Belgium. Neymar hasn’t forgotten to mention Brazil as one of the favourites.

I can’t wait to start therehe concluded. World Cup matches are different. The atmosphere is very special. The matchday of a World Cup match is unlike any other game. I’m really motivated by this. »