World Cup 2022: Neymar’s poignant message to Brazil fans

World Cup 2022: Neymar’s poignant message to Brazil fans

Neymar, the playmaker of the Brazilian selection, addressed the supporters of the Seleçao on his social networks.

The Paris Saint-Germain star left the Education City stadium in tears on Friday, December 9, 2022, after Brazil were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup.

Neymar “psychologically destroyed”

The Brazilians failed to deflect the Croatian trap. They lost on penalties. Neymar had however opened the scoring for his family in overtime. Bruno Petkovic put the Croats back in the game.

And it was Dominik Livaković, the Vatreni goalkeeper, who sent his people into the last four. The Croatian goalkeeper had a huge game and deprived the Brazilians of several goals during the match.

Collapsed at the final whistle, Neymar Jr. is considering retiring from international football. He announced it at a press conference after his team’s defeat.

The Parisian striker sent a very touching message to Seleçao fans in a recent post on Instagram. Neymar Jr. had a very bad experience of this new setback in selection.

I am psychologically destroyedhe confided, it was certainly the defeat that hurt me the most, which left me paralyzed for 10 minutes and shortly after I cried nonstop. It will hurt for a long time, unfortunately. We fought until the end, and I’m proud of my teammates because they didn’t lack commitment and dedication. This group deserved it, we deserved it, BRAZIL deserved it. But it was not God’s will ! »

Neymar Jr. has never managed to win a major trophy with the Seleçao. Plagued by repeated physical glitches, the PSG striker won only one Confederations Cup in 2013. Lifting the World Cup is undoubtedly his biggest dream.

It was worth every sacrifice to feel the affection of everyone inside the fieldhe continued. Thank you all for supporting our selection. Unfortunately, that was not possible…it will hurt for a very, very long time. Thank you for everything my GOD, you gave me everything and I can’t complain about anything. I just thank you for taking care of me. All the honor and glory is always yours no matter the circumstances “.