World Cup 2022: Qatar’s official and popular support for the Atlas Lions

World Cup 2022: Qatar’s official and popular support for the Atlas Lions

With each exploit achieved by the Atlas Lions during the FIFA World Cup (Qatar-2022), social networks and international channels broadcast videos highlighting the extent of official and popular Qatari encouragement and support for the achievements of the Lions on the lawns of Qatar.

Thus, following the qualification of the Moroccan national team for the semi-finals of the World Cup at the expense of Portugal, the Emir of the State of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Ben Hamad Al Thani, expressed, in an appeal telephone call, its warmest congratulations to HM King Mohammed VI for this historic achievement thanks to which Morocco became the first African and Arab country to reach this stage of the FIFA World Cup.

In addition, the Emir of Qatar, accompanied by his honorable family, wishes to attend Morocco’s matches by hoisting the national flag, in a noble act reflecting their support for the national team during this exceptional international football mass organized for the first time on Arab soil.

The videos and images broadcast on social networks and channels show the reactions of the Emir of Qatar and his entire family to the progress of all the matches of the Moroccan national team, and this since the first meeting.

They engage throughout the minutes of the matches to encourage Morocco, torchbearer of Arabs and Africa, with an overflowing warmth and joy embodying the highest feelings of Arab solidarity and support.

In addition to this princely support expressed in the heart of the stadiums, the Qatari authorities provide, for their part, their full support for the position of the Moroccan national team in Doha, in addition to taking measures to facilitate the arrival of Moroccan supporters in Qatar to support the Lions.

To reinforce this continued support, popular initiatives are organized to celebrate these achievements and express unconditional support for the national elite, namely the Qatari meetings (Majalis), one of the informal individual and popular initiatives celebrating the guests of the Cup of the world.

These meetings represent, in Qatar and in the Gulf countries in general, a bridge of communication, dialogue, construction of social relations and transmission of authentic values ​​and traditions.

Some also see it as year-round schools that benefit young people, as well as being a space for reciting poetry and telling stories and tales of Qatari heritage.

Although its meetings are open to all fans of the countries participating in the World Cup, they have been transformed with the successive achievements of the Moroccan national team, into a space to celebrate the Atlas Lions.

Indeed, several meetings were organized in this sense to which were invited former Moroccan players, journalists and Moroccan actors present in Doha on the occasion of the World Cup, in addition to some residents in Qatar.

In buildings adorned with the flags of the participating countries and equipped with a giant screen to follow the matches, the guests and participants are celebrated with hospitality and warmly welcomed. Values ​​for which the Qataris are known.

Held repeatedly throughout the month of the World Cup, these meetings become a space to meet people and introduce participants to Qatari habits and customs.

Qatari support is also evident in the way of celebrating after each game, whether on the coast, at Souq Waqif, or by decorating luxury cars with national flags which also cover the towers of Doha in support of the National team.

This great support at the official level and among the fans was officially appreciated by the Moroccan players at the end of the match following which the Lions qualified for the semi-finals, when they hoisted the Qatari and Moroccan flags.

Reacting to the high level of this support, the Lions, the representatives of the Arabs and Africa at the World Cup-2022, were up to it and are determined to continue their journey at the World Cup (Qatar-2022) in a way marvel that has sown joy in souls, from the ocean to the gulf to Africa, “as if they were telling the world that this is our competition and that it is not appropriate for us to leave before our guests “.