World Qatar 2022: Doha, an innovative city

World Qatar 2022: Doha, an innovative city

Since the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, gigantic projects have been launched in the capital of the country hosting the biggest football competition. With a specific architecture, in some places, to the Arab culture, Doha has changed its face and currently offers a magnificent view.

In addition to the football stadiums built or renovated for the needs of the World Cup, the Qatari authorities have invested immense sums in the construction of gigantic transport infrastructures. Many highways have been built. This contributes to the fluidity of traffic through the capital.

Alongside the highways, a large underground railway network ensures the movement of populations and supporters of the other nations present in Doha. It is also the great crowd in the subways. A preference due, no doubt, to convenience, speed and free access for Hayya cardholders.

Many things are new in the Qatari capital. The city has been almost rebuilt in recent years to host the soccer world cup. Skyscrapers and other chic hotels illuminated in different colors embellish the city center.

LJ Ndong