Xbox Cloud Gaming now has 20 million players, that’s huge

Xbox Cloud Gaming now has 20 million players, that’s huge

Microsoft has announced that more than 20 million users have launched its cloud gaming service. This is huge and it shows that the technology, still considered in its infancy a few years ago, is now well established in the market.

Credits: Microsoft

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate allows you to download and play an extensive catalog of titles, both on PC and console. But if you don’t have either, you can also play in the cloud. Moreover, many users have been seduced by this technology.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Xbox Cloud Gaming attracted 20 million players. It’s huge and it shows that the company was right to bet on it.

Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft’s new weapon

Even more, Microsoft indicates that its cloud gaming service is constantly evolving. At the same period in 2021, it had 10 million players “only”. An insolent progressionwhich still needs to be measured.

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First, it is the number of people who have already launched a game via the cloud, and not regular users. Remember that cloud gaming is only a feature of Game Pass Ultimate, and not the main service. Second, when compared to the competition, this result is not exceptional. In the columns of PCmag last August, Nvidia has announced that it has 20 million players on its GeForce Now service.

The service of Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming is included in Game Pass Ultimate (13 euros per month). This subscription allows you to play on both console and PC, but also in the cloud. At first only available on Android, the Xbox Cloud Gaming service quickly expanded, since it is now accessible on browser, on iOS, but also on other media such as Chromebooks or Samsung connected televisions. This allows players who do not have a powerful PC or Xbox to take advantage of the latest exclusives from the Microsoft catalog. When it comes to Game Pass itself, Microsoft is stingy with numbers. At the start of 2022, the Redmond firm reported having 25 million subscribers. A number that has since evolved.

Source : The Verge