Xbox: new energy saving options are coming to the Series X and S

Xbox: new energy saving options are coming to the Series X and S

In recent years, the biggest video game companies in the world have taken more and more responsibility for their impact on the environment. Microsoft and Xbox have often led the way, setting ambitious goals and touting their commitment to change through press releases.

New features to save energy

The latest release on Wednesday saw Xbox announce a dramatic change to power saving options on consoles.
Xbox Series X
S. This change, which will soon be rolling out to all Xbox owners, promises to update games, apps and the operating system.
“when they can use the most renewable energy from your local grid”. Microsoft introduced the same feature for Windows Update on Windows 11 PCs in March last year.

Microsoft claims these are the first game consoles to feature
“environmentally friendly game downloads and updates”. Also according to the company, the functionality is “actively used” in places where its partners can obtain data on the electrical network. These companies provide live data on the energy mix and, in theory at least, can provide the ideal time to upload updates when more renewable energy is used.

New sleep and shutdown options

An “active hours” standby option will also be rolling out to Xbox Series X, Series S, and One. This allows your console to turn off automatically during times when you are not using it, which helps reduce energy consumption. It is possible to manually program the switch-off times. But by activating this option, the console is based on your habits to determine the time at which it should turn off.

The other addition is a new shutdown option, again for power saving purposes. It would consume less energy than standby mode, because this option would consume 20 times less energy. It would also allow the update of the console and games overnight. article adapted by CNET France