Xbox Series 100% cloud gaming won’t arrive for years, Microsoft says

Xbox Series 100% cloud gaming won’t arrive for years, Microsoft says

Since the release of the Xbox Series X and Series S, many rumors evoke the arrival of a Series dedicated exclusively to Cloud Gaming. A few weeks ago, the device was even spotted in Phil Spencer’s office. The latter indicates today that marketing is not for now.

Those waiting for the Xbox Series dedicated to Cloud Gaming will have to be patient. The console is not about to arrive on the market, according to Microsoft’s own admission. The Redmond firm indeed wants take a different strategy when it comes to cloud gaming.

We’ve been hearing about this terminal for a while now. The idea would be to have an Xbox stamped dongle that would plug into any screen and allow titles from the Xbox Cloud Gaming catalog to be played. A cheap terminal since it does not need a lot of power, but also very flexible. The leaks spoke of advanced development at Microsoft. We even had a name: Xbox Keystone.

Microsoft puts an end to hopes for the Xbox Keystone

This summer, the console was spotted in the office of Xbox boss Phil Spencer in a photo. The hope of an early release was therefore allowed, but the person concerned finally denied in the columns of the Wall Street Journal. If the prototype does exist, the Redmond firm would have finally left it aside in favor of another strategy:

“Keystone is a project we are working on internally. Last summer, we changed course to work with Samsung. I still have the prototype… will we make a terminal dedicated to streaming one day? I hope we will, but not for years. »

That is what is said.

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Microsoft has embarked on a new path with its game streaming service: that of partnerships. As Spencer says, a deal has been reached with Samsung to bring the Game Pass to all its new smart TVs and many other projects of this style are to be expected. Thus, the idea is no longer to offer a clean terminal for streaming, but to decline the software on more non-Microsoft products.

Cloud Gaming is an important point for the company. Included in Game Pass Ultimate, streaming gaming has already attracted more than 20 million curious people.