Xbox thinks there are hidden gems in the Activision Blizzard catalog |  Xbox One

Xbox thinks there are hidden gems in the Activision Blizzard catalog | Xbox One

While the takeover of Activision Blizzard King by Microsoft could be validated in the spring of 2023, many fans are hoping for the return of their favorite licenses. And that’s good, since the boss of Xbox, Phil Spencer, raised the subject, leaving hope for the return of some of them.

Starcraft fans are patiently waiting

This is during the interview with the Youtube channel Same Brain that Phil Spencer has given some clarification as to the future of the brand, a future envisaged alongside the Activision Blizzard and King teams. Call of Duty should therefore go to Microsoft and arrive directly in the Xbox Game Pass in the medium term, and a catalog of lucrative mobile games from King will enrich the licenses possessed by the American firm.

But in the world of consoles and PC, it’s Blizzard fans who are carefully scrutinizing Microsoft’s takeover ambitions. The company has some of the biggest video game licenses, including some that have been dormant for years. Good news, they could be reborn from their ashes under the Xbox flag.

I am very excited about this opportunity [de racheter le groupe]. I know a lot of teams there and we’ve been working with them for years to release great games on our platform.

They have skills that we don’t have. And since we were talking about platforms, they worked a lot more than us on mobile. When I think of Blizzard and Activision’s old catalog, I think there are some incredible hidden gems in terms of games. Their teams are very motivated to continue their progress on game development.

We don’t yet know what Phil Spencer has in mind about the future of the licenses owned by Activision Blizzard, but we do know that many licenses are still dormant. We think first of all of StarCraft, a real-time strategy game which has not had a new episode for 12 years and whose spin-off called StarCraft: Ghost was canceled in the 2000s. Given the success of the franchise Age of Empires at Microsoft, one could easily imagine synergies to be found.

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