Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept: attach real camera lenses, at the risk of being ridiculous

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept: attach real camera lenses, at the risk of being ridiculous

Xiaomi is presenting a very special concept in China with Leica: a smartphone capable of receiving classic camera lenses. The design takes a hit.

The limits of photo quality on smartphones are physical. We cannot integrate on our very compact pocket cameras the same components as much bulkier professional cameras.

We are thinking in particular of lenses whose optics are simply incompressible for the moment, even if many R&D departments are working on this subject.

Without really fixing the problem, Xiaomi has a radical concept to present in China. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept can receive Leica lenses like a classic camera.

The design takes a hit

One could almost believe in an April Fool’s joke as the concept is so incongruous. Xiaomi’s smartphone offers the attachments on the back of the device to connect a Leica lens. the Chinese manufacturer has been working for several months with the Leica photo specialist and wants to highlight it as much as possible.

It must be understood that it is not simply a question of adding lenses over a complete photo module as the Moment brand can offer. Here, Xiaomi has provided a lensless photo sensor centered in its photo block and dedicated to receiving Leica lenses.

In addition, the brand has also provided complete integrated cameras for times when you do not connect any lens to your smartphone.

If the idea may seem interesting on paper, a professional camera is not just about its interchangeable lenses. The grip and the options of the case also count.

Here when we see the Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept with a large connected lens, we can question the ergonomics of the whole. Weight distribution must also be a real problem for the photographer.

the next high-end Xiaomi should be launched in France. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra remains exclusive to China.

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