Yannick Pauletti toughened up training

Yannick added additional sessions. The guys had three sessions. The group must work more mentally. There were a lot of discussions between the staff and the players. It’s very positive and constructive.“, details Jeffrey Rentmeister, sports director.

Emphasis has also been placed on defensive solidity, which the Unionists are sorely lacking so far (11 goals conceded in 9 games). “We advocate very attacking football so it is logical that sometimes we are thin behind. It’s not a disaster, but it’s a team jobexplains the ex-Sprimontois. We also have to be patient in view of the many injuries, but that does not excuse anything given the quality of the core.

Rochefort remains in third place, but still with eleven points lost since the start of the season. “We’ve already lost quite a few cartridges. But we will see at the end if with the missteps we have committed, it will be serious or not. We just lack focus. We have already managed to keep the zero behind, we can reproduce it. That’s my main goal“, explains goalkeeper Gilles Lentz.

Still in the race for the slice

Regarding the slice, it will be played between Marloie, Richelle and Rochefort. To win it, Pauletti’s men must win, betting on a defeat by Marloie (against Aywaille) and a draw by Richelle (at Ciney).

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