Your Gmail account has an unlimited number of addresses

Your Gmail account can allow you to use an infinite number of addresses. Just use the + sign (or ,) in its address.

A gmail, an address. The account looks good. After all, you have a phone number, a mailing address. The same should apply to your email address, including Gmail. It turns out that your Gmail account can accommodate an unlimited number of addresses that you can use whenever you want, for everyone.

Your Gmail account can allow you to use an infinite number of addresses

There are actually two methods to do this. The first allows you to transform your address gmail in an infinity of addresses, via the tactic of +. To take advantage of the benefits of this technique, just add a + in your address, before the @, and enter what you want.

For example, if your address is [email protected], you can do or cocorico+ [email protected] The service you use your email address with will think it’s a new address, but all emails sent to that address will still arrive in your inbox. It works with any Gmail address, even if the domain is not

On the one hand, it’s a good trick to find out where spam comes from, for example. You might get into the habit of using a dedicated address with a significant + when signing up for a new service. For example, for my Facebook or morgan+ for my account netflix. And if I find spam in my inbox sent to [email protected], I’ll know it’s from Facebook, or a Facebook-related third party, if I haven’t shared that address with anyone else. other, of course.

Just use the + sign (or ,) in its address

On the other hand, it is a perfect generator for temporary emails. No need to open a new Gmail account every time you want to test a service here or there. Just add a + to your current address and you’re done. However, you may be blocked if the service asks for another unique differentiator, such as a phone number or credit card.

Note, it’s not just the + that works. You can also use the comma “,”. An address like morgan,[email protected] is perfectly managed by Gmail.

That being said, the service you want to subscribe to may not accept the + or , signs. Then you can try another trick. This time, you have to change the “gmail” part of your address to “googlemail” ([email protected] thus becomes [email protected]). As with the +, using googlemail instead of gmail will trick the service into thinking you’re using a whole new address, but anything sent to googlemail instead of gmail will end up in your inbox.

The + technique is not the only way to protect your Gmail address from spam and scammers. You can use a service like Apple’s Hide My Email Address or DuckDuckGO to create dummy accounts when you sign up. Like the +, these accounts will allow all incoming messages to be forwarded to your main Gmail account and you will never have to expose your main address. Using [email protected] works, but this reveals your primary address to the service. This technique offers greater confidentiality.