your voice messages with ease

your voice messages with ease

Visual voicemail is a very convenient device. It allows you to no longer need to make a call to the voicemail number of your operator but to have direct access to their mailbox. We enlighten you.

Visual Voicemail: your voicemail messages in one click

The visual voicemail is a service that provides access to its voice messages and of manage your answering machine through a visual interface, without having to dial the number provided by its operator. All the operators classics such as Free, Orange, Bouygues Telecom or SFR offer this service.

With the Visual Voicemailyou can consult all of your voice messages, in the order you want. You see them all at a glance. Just tap on one of the messages to listen to it.
You can at any time put a message in pauselisten to it loud speakerthe listen againthe to delete or even the Download on your mobile for the to safeguard Where send it by email. You can respond by email or SMS to the person who tried to reach you and call them back in no time.

The benefits of Visual Voicemail

As you have understood, Visual Voicemail is extremely practical. Here are 3 of its main advantages:

  • Simplicity : all messages are visible at a glance and you can listen to them as you wish
  • Time saving : you can only listen to certain messages and you no longer need to dial your answering machine
  • Flexibility: you can very easily listen to a message you have just listened to, or even find an old message in a few seconds by scrolling the list.