Youssef Handichi (PTB): “Minister Elke Van den Brandt does not listen to the street”

The Minister of Mobility, Elke Van den Brandt does not want to listen to what is happening in the street, it is like the whole Good Move plan.”, believes Youssef Handichi. Invited on the set of + d’Actu, the Brussels deputy PTB called for co-construction “a real Good Move plan with people and not against them.” He also condemned the violence against the emergency services during the opposition demonstrations against the system set up in Schaerbeek.

The former driver of the STIB insisted on the fact that the PTB was not against the principle of a mobility plan but on condition that there is a real co-construction with the inhabitants. Asked about the opposition demonstrations by residents of Schaerbeek, some of whom attacked street furniture, dismantling the new road signs, Youssef Handichi considers that “by dint of not listening to people, they express themselves differently. VSThis is a logical consequence, which could have been avoided.” “There is a political responsibility of Minister Elke Van den Brandt for not having been listened to“, he asserted, adding nevertheless concerning the attacks against the firefighters: “We strongly condemn them: we do not touch the emergency services.”

In response to the accusations of the co-president of Ecolo, Rajae Maouane, who recently accused on the set of + d’Actu, the representatives PTB and MR of having blown on the embers of the disputes, the deputy PTB judged these attacks,launched without evidence, extremely serious.”

+ News, with Youssef Handichi, Brussels deputy PTB

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