Zidane, his future is recorded: incredible turnaround!

Zidane, his future is recorded: incredible turnaround!

Free since leaving Real Madrid, Zinédine Zidane should soon return to service.

While he still hasn’t found a bench since leaving Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane would have already sealed its future. The name of the former playmaker of the Blues was the subject of a large soap opera last summer, when he was associated with Paris Saint-Germain to succeed Mauricio Pochettino. But it is the France team that the French technician should take in hand. In the very short term.

Zidane rushes towards the Blues!

According to the indiscretions of the Spanish journalist Sergio Valentin, Zinédine Zidane will be in charge of the Blues in a few weeks, as soon as the tricolor selection has completed its journey in Qatar. And this regardless of its performance in the competition. An early elimination or a new coronation leading to a 3rd star would not change the case: the seat would be reserved for ex-number 10.

This is obviously the meaning of the story. For his aura, his status, his incredible track record in his second life as a coach and his feeling with many of the senior players in the selection, Zidane ticks all the boxes for the job. The surprise comes rather from the timing, already, and especially from the lack of latitude left to Didier Deschamps … unless the current coach has also made his decision upstream, which he has always refused to say publicly. . Didier Deschamps’ contract expiring after the World Cup, the latter does not wish to undermine his authority for the premier competition.

If Deschamps does not really appreciate the media buzz around his former teammate, which he perceives as a form of pressure, Zidane publicly assumes his ambition. “When I say that I want to take the France team one day, I assume it, had he let go in an interview with L’Équipe for his 50th birthday last summer. Today, a team is in place. with its goals. But if the opportunity comes next, then I’ll be there. Again, it’s not up to me. My deep desire is there. The France team is the most beautiful thing there is. When you are given the France team jersey, it’s special. My first selections were special. There were incredible players like Cantona, Ginola or Blanc. When you taste the Blues, it’s magnificent. It’s so strong, powerful…”. By then, as his name was circulating in Paris, Zidane may already have known his fate was set. From DD to ZZ, the France team will experience a handover. She hopes to make it to the top of the world.