Zlatan Ibrahimovic reveals the biggest regret of his career

Zlatan Ibrahimovic reveals the biggest regret of his career

Zlatan Ibrahimovic finally lets go and lets go of his biggest career regrets.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has never been afraid of words. The Swedish giant does not have his tongue in his pocket, he who took advantage of his passage on Canal + to lay out his biggest career regrets.

Words not to be missed under any circumstances in view of the gargantuan career spanning several decades of the former Parisian.

The latter notably had a turbulent time at Barça, where he had to go with a certain Pep Guardiola. “My worst memory? I think it was Barcelona, ​​but not for football. There I happened to think too much. Yes, I disappointed myself. twice before acting and I was disappointed. I lost my identity there. Afterwards, I found it, and it allowed me to conquer the world.

What about the regrets concerning the C1? “A regret not having won the Champions League? No. Did I do everything to win it? Yes. Has it changed the way I play? No. I’m still the best footballer with or without the Champions League.

Zlatan also talks about his advanced age, which he does not see as an obstacle to his career. “Since day 1 I wanted to be the strongest. Better than everyone, everywhere. I always wanted to go forward. But it’s not about goals, it’s about being as complete as possible. I have worked and made sacrifices. It made me grow like no other. I don’t know when I’ll be back. I’ll see when it’s okay. I’ve suffered too long and I don’t want to rush. Age doesn’t change anything , because the quality is always there. It’s a question of motivation, of passion. It’s no longer a question of receiving, but of giving. When you’re young, you have another ego. Now, I don’t want to give anymore . The longest time possible.